Welcome to the 2017 season with D&D Greenhouses!

Welcome to D&D Greenhouses, home of D&D Farms Inc. We are a wholesale company servicing New England garden centers, landscapers, municipalities, golf courses, landscape architects and many other professional businesses.

We are located in Stow, Massachusetts. Hopefully this website will provide you with a variety of useful information that you may use for your garden center and landscape planting.

If you would like more information about our retail operation, please click on the retail centers link at the left of the page. Wholesale customers must be a registered customer to view pricing and availability. To sign up, click on the wholesale register tab under the contact us tab.


Availability Forms

JUNE 5-7, 2017

Stand is NOW OPEN!

MON-SAT: 9:00 - 5:30

SUNDAYS: 9:00 -4:30

Welcome to Spring of 2017!

Everyone here at D & D Farms hopes you are rested and ready to go for another year! We are very busy filling the greenhouse up with Annuals, hangers and pots for your ordering pleasure. The pansy and viola crop is ready to go deliveries start March 20th, watch for the availabilties….Hangers, pots, bowls, ovals and trays are starting to pop color.

We look forward to bringing you some new and interesting color options in our Petunia line this year and as always supplying you with great annual and hanging basket for all your customers needs.

Stop by anytime to see the crops we are always here, call if you have questions or need help with placing orders. Remember to fax your orders to 978-897-3323 anytime or day. If you are emailing orders Please email to DDfarmsinc@aol.com and follow up with a call or text me at 978-793-2005 to let me know there is an order in the email box.

Fax orders to: 978-897-3323

E-mail orders to: DDFarmsinc@aol.com



Please Note:

Order Forms Key;

NR = Not Ready

NC = No Color

C = Color Showing

B = Buds

B-C = Buds Some Color

X = Saleable plant no color showing

TB = Tight Buds

Sm/= Small plant dirt showing


Buzz is the word around here...

Bumblebees are excellent pollinators in many crops and crucial for cross pollination. Bumblebee pollination results in higher fruit quality, quantity, and even in considerable labor saving.